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BarCode Registration

BarCode Registration

Barcode Registration | Barcode Registration Online

Barcode is an identification system that can be scanned electronically to fetch the product details faster. It can be representing of data of a product in the form of parallel lines varying in width and spacing between them. It is easy to readable by a machine and is widely used in supermarkets, malls, stores etc.

Barcode Registration

Barcode is actually a readable machine that scans quickly and accurately to recognized as a product. It's a unique identification program which is used for scanning in the supply series for content like the product, specific commodities and entities of commerce, area, location, trade, amounts, serial numbers, and batch amounts etc. A barcode on product plays an important role within the distribution chain, allowing all members' such as Manufacturers, transporter, wholesaler to spot products readily. In addition to that, a barcode on products plays an important part in a supply chain, supermarkets, transport, hospitals, along with fast-moving imports chains. EAN 13 is arguably the absolute most widely used type of barcode which has 13 numerical digits. UPC-A barcode is actually just a superset of 12 numeric digits.

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  • Barcode Function

    Barcode is a system which is designed for encoding the information such as product number, serial number, batch number etc. Basically, it is used in supermarket, malls, grocery stores, etc.

  • Facilitates of Supply Chain

    The Barcode is revolutionizing the supply chain management by enabling the parties to trade in goods through automatic identification and tracking of the product movement throughout the supply chain.

  • Types of Barcode

    Barcode consists of different classifications depending around the industry or purpose. These are EAN/UPC, info Bar Family, One dimensional (1D) Barcodes, Two-dimensional (2D) bar codes.

  • Improved inventory control

    Getting in a position to scan and track inventory yields a much more accurate count, in addition to an improved calculation of inventory turn. When the goods are sold or retrieved, items have been accessed by scanning quickly. The commodity code and also merchandise to establish a one-to-one relationship and stored at the business specialist system.

  • Eliminates Error

    Barcode removes the chance of human errors. A barcode scan is both accurate and fast also takes much less time compared to direct data entry.

Benefits of Trust Registration

Documents Required For Barcode Registration

Documents Required  For Trust Registration

Documents Required:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN and GST certificate
  • Balance sheet as on 31 march
  • Cancelled cheque
  • Letter on company letterhead requesting barcode allotment

Subscription Validity

  • Applied April to June – valid to 31st march
  • Applied July to sept – valid to 30th June
  • Applied October to December valid to 30th September
  • Applied January to march- valid to 31st Decembers

The Process of Obtaining Barcode

Type and Number

The barcode is of many different types and it might be obtained in several different lot sizes. The process begins with the identification of requirement from the applicant.

Arrange Documents

With barcode application, you can find a various of documents such as the total amount sheet to demonstrate the turnover of the company, MOA and so forth to be annexed.

Government Fees

The government fee is paid in form of online after determining the lot size and the validity period of the barcode to be acquired.


We produce the barcodes within 2 days after getting the received the order side complete documents, DD along with also realisation of the professional fee for your own service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. 1 The two most widely accepted formats of retail barcodes in the world are the EAN-13 (International Article Number) and UPC-A (Universal Product Code). If you are looking for a barcode for your retail product, then it is likely you will need one of these two formats.

Ans. 2 In today's retail industry place, barcodes are imperative for any business planning to stock their product in physical outlets, or around Amazon, Filpkart as well as other online suppliers. Shops and online retailers use barcoding systems to deal with pricing, product gross sales figures, inventory levels, to track their inventory through warehouses, also in POS. Having a worldwide one of a unique barcode set in your product is necessary to ensure your product will be all set for that market place.

Ans. 3 The amount of EAN/UPC barcode numbers you require corresponds directly to the amount of products and product variations you have in your inventory. For example, if you have a clothing line, you would require a unique barcode for each clothing type, style, size and colour variation you have in your inventory.

Ans. 4 Retailers will require you to complete a product information form linking your product and company details to the barcode number each time you introduce a new product. The merchant will transfer this information in their earnings & inventory procedure allowing your own product to become scanned in POS. Each brand-new retailer will require that you experience this technique whenever you introduce your product into their store.

Ans. 5 Each product is identified as a unique product in accordance with the standards explained previously and will require different barcode. If two items using different barcodes is combined to produce a promotional package, it's considered as a fresh product or service for repository and so may require a separate barcode number.

Ans. 6 The barcode will work for any retail product except the books, magazine, periodicals and journals. If you have a book, you should apply for International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

Ans. 7 Barcode comes into a composite package of 100 and its multiple by, i.e. 100, 1,000, 10,000 to 1 lac.